About Us

The 100 crafts.com revives and provides various types of crafts that speak of traditions, heritage, divinity and elegance bringing forth a history and legacy of crafts and craftsmanship to the fore.

The 100 crafts com strives to explore the world of crafts and presents a wide range of crafts based products with a blend of rich traditional tunes and aesthetical tones involving rich colours, splendid designs and varying sizes.

At “the 100 crafts.com”customization and individual preferences are regarded and highly valued in designing and developing, metal idols and other craft based products using a variety of materials, textures, designs that elaborate art and various forms of art and artistic manifestations.

Brass, Terracotta, Filigree, Mysore wood all form part of different materials that stand up to the contemporary world of crafts and craftsmanship, blending tradition with the modern and the novel that reflect the ancient creating Masterpiece Expressions for a lifetime.


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